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&Bros is an award-winning design studio from Helsinki, Finland. Formed by three designers and one graphic designer,  &Bros started when Antti-Jussi Silvennoinen and Elisa Konttinen began to work as a design duo. When Antti-Jussi met Pekka Kuivamäki and Tero Kuitunen during master studies in Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, they found that their approaches to design and aesthetics were very similar and soon &Bros as we know it today was established.


Aalto+Aalto is a Helsinki-based design office working with products, spaces and exhibitions. Their aim is to create special everyday objects with a strong identity and story.

Inspired by time-tested old techniques, all kinds of factories and flea markets, their special skill is managing to make things that are imaginative and different but still simple and timeless. Their work has been widely exhibited, is included in the collections of the Design museum in Helsinki and in Quebec and has been awarded the iF golden product design award.


Ágústa Sveinsdóttir is a product designer based in Reykjavik, Iceland.  She has a BA in product design from the Icelandic Art Academy since spring 2014 and is also a graduate from the Art and Design program from the Reykjavik School of Visual Art. In her work, she focuses on an innovative approach to material use and the redefinition and revitalisation of modern values.


Anna Thorunn Hauksdóttir is an Icelandic product designer. Having graduated from the Iceland Academy of Arts in 2007, She designs and produces under her brand ANNA THORUNN.

Anna Thorunn lives and works in Reykjavík, Iceland.


Arela is a clothing brand based in Finland. Working mainly with cashmere knits and cotton jersey, Arela creates contemporary, timeless, understated clothes and accessories. High-quality natural materials, considered colours and functionality are defining design elements. Arela is a family business run by Maija Arela and her daughters Anni and Viivi.


Berlinord is a studio and brand specializing in product design and small-scale local production. Lead by Hrafnkell Birgisson, the team works hand-in-hand with local artisans, manufacturers and like-minded creative professionals on concepts for unique products and spatial experiences.

Berlinord aims to contribute to a more diverse and sustainable material culture based on social and environmental responsibility.



Selected by Bility  is a new platform for young and talented designers run by Guðrun Lilja Guðlaugsdóttir. 

Thorleifur Gunnar Gíslason is a graphic designer graduated from the Iceland Academy of the Arts. He is currently working at Jónsson & Le’macks advertising agency in Reykjavík and is also one the founders of Børk Creative Studio, a collective of multidisciplinary designers collaborating on various products and exploring different mediums.

Jón Helgi Hólmgeirsson is a product designer from Reykjavík, Iceland. He is also one of the founders of Børk Creative Studio. He is currently studying Interaction Design in Malmö, Sweden.


Brynjar Sigurðarson received a master's degree in product design from ECAL, Lausanne, in 2011, following a bachelor degree from The Iceland Academy of the Arts, Reykjavík, Iceland. He has since established his own studio along with teaching at the Masters Department at ECAL, Lausanne. Current and recent studio projects involve work for Sevrés, CIRVA, Camper, Spark Design Space and the renowned design gallery Galerie Kreo.

Using various mediums such as furniture, drawings, photography, video and sound, Sigurðarson’s work is always linked to storytelling.


Choice makes products on open platforms to bring product creation closer to people. One Choice at a time. The team consists of design, branding and production specialists driven by seeing change in how things are made. CHOICE is Jeremiah Tesolin, Canadian born specialist in branding;  Mikael Kivelä, designer and art director specialised in branding and identity; Lasse Laine, designer and production specialist and product and furniture designer Sebastian Jansson.


Chorin is a new design brand founded by Katrin Greiling and Parasto Backman. Coming from the fields of furniture design, interior architecture and graphic design, Katrin and Parasto teamed up in the belief that combining their skills strengthens their abilities to create desirable objects.

The carpet was a natural starting point, combining the illustrative elements of graphic design with the spatial and linear properties of three-dimensional objects.

The three designs in Chorin's first collection translate elements of illustration and architectural drawings into fields of color and line.


COMPANY is Aamu Song & Johan Olin's design practice based in Helsinki. They work as artists, designers, and producers, running their own shop Salakauppa in Helsinki.

Sala means secret and kauppa means shop.  All the products are the result of COMPANY's excursions to very exciting, yet old fashioned, factories around Finland and around the world.

COMPANY's design is purely based on each factory's story and function.


Fashion designer of the year 2012, Freeman's brand CTRL Clothing is the pioneer of youthful Finnish fashion on the international market. Established in 1995, CTRL breaks new ground for up and coming clothing labels.



Interior architect an furniture designer Dóra Hansen lives and works in Reykjavik, Iceland. Her projects vary from interiors for businesses and individuals to project management and teaching.  As an interior architect, she works with the design group eittA.

Hansen has long been interested in Icelandic production, and her experiments in furniture design have evolved around Icelandic materials and production possibilities.



Icelandic designer Dögg Guðmundsdóttir experiments with raw materials and develops designs for mass production with new and old materials. Dögg's vision is to create innovative and meaningful design for people. She starts with raw ideas by taking materials directly from nature.

Dögg Guðmundsdóttir is based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Error Collective

Error creates site specific, functional installation art, assemblage and traditional objects of art. While Error has a core collective of members it often acquires other artists, designers and makers to work with on specific projects.



FÆRID is an Icelandic design studio that emphasises on creating user orientated products with a Nordic twist. We are still quite young but as a company we have been growing as a strong competitor in the Icelandic market. FÆRID was formed in 2009 in Iceland by Thorunn Hannesdottir, a graduate from Central St. Martins College in London. Her designs are visually light and simple, with a definite connection to traditional Scandinavian designs. The name, FÆRID is the Icelandic notion that everything is possible for those that have passion, devotion and ambition.


Fiona grew up in Dublin, Ireland. Since moving to Reykjavik, Iceland in 2007, Cribben has worked as a freelance designer. She has also worked for computer games company CCP as head of the fashion team and for several fashion labels all over the world. She currently lectures in fashion design at the Iceland Academy of the Arts.

She continues to make one piece of jewelry at a time giving each piece individuality and attention so that in time, they can become family heirlooms.

Flora & laura

Laura Väinölä runs Flora & Laura, where she uses flowers as material for her design.


Stockholm-based design studio FÄRG & BLANCHE was founded in 2010 by Swedish designer Fredrik Färg and French-born designer Emma Marga Blanche.

As a studio, they work across a wide variety of fields, collaborating with established Swedish furniture brands such as Gärsnäs, Zero and Design House Stockholm to name a few, as well as producing their own collections and limited art pieces for galleries in Milan, New York and Tokyo.

Known for their experimental stance, where each expression informs the other, they effortlessly move between the exclusive handmade one-off and the industrially produced, without ever losing their distinctive touch.


Garðar Eyjólfsson is a product designer and design lecturer based in Reykjavik, Iceland. Garðar approaches his work though context, material and process with an emphasis on energy and transformation. Eyjólfsson graduated from Central Saint Martins as a product designer in 2009 and was awarded Cum Laude for his master project “Hydro Morphosis” at Design Academy Eindhoven in 2011. He is currently the Director of Studies, Product Design at The Icelandic Academy of the Arts.


Go Form is a design studio specializing in interiors and furniture run by Guðrún Margrét Ólafsdóttir and Oddgeir Þórðarson since 1987. Go Form primarily works with interior architecture for both companies and private clients. Go Form has also custom designed furniture for Icelandic institutions such as the University of Iceland and the Icelandic Prime Minister’s Office.

HAF studio

HAF studio is a multidisciplinary research based
design studio that takes on projects ranging from interior, 
product, furniture, packaging, visual and experience design.

HAF, lead by the husband-and-wife team Hafsteinn Juliusson and Karitas Sveinsdóttir aim to approach design from a new perspective
and create something unexpected. “We want to
be involved with society, ecology and interact
with our users and engage them in every project
to contribute to the design.


Hanna Anonen graduated as a designer from the Applied Arts MA program at the Aalto University School of Art, Design and Architecture. She has worked as a product and spatial designer in various projects with different companies.

As a designer Hanna Anonen is very versatile and functional. Sensitivity to colours and materials is distinctive to Hanna’s work. Products designed by Hanna combine various materials in a beautiful and harmonious way.

Harri Koskinen

Born in Karstula, Finland, Harri Koskinen is one of the most successful Finnish designers today. His versatile design objects have aroused great international interest. Harri Koskinen strives to find solutions that are innovative for both the consumer and producer. He works with companies like Artek, Danese, Finlandia Vodka Worldwide, Issey Miyake, Montina, Muji, Genelec, O luce, Panasonic, Seiko Instruments, Venini and Woodnotes. Along the years, he has won several awards, most significantly the Compasso d’Oro Award in 2004 and Kaj Franck Design Award 2014.


Established in 2014, HEM is a global team spread across six countries. The headquarters is located in Berlin with teams working from Stockholm, Helsinki, Warsaw, New York and Pune.


Husband and wife duo Snæbjörn Stefánsson and Róshildur Jónsdóttir graduated as product designers from the Icelandic Academy of the Arts in 2006, and through their design studio Hugdetta, they have been working on projects ranging from product design to furniture to restaurant interiors ever since. The couple also run Grettisborg, design-savvy apartment hotel in the centre of Reykjavik.



IHANNA HOME is an Icelandic design company that designs home accessories with playful, functional and sculptural aesthetics. It was founded by the award winning designer Ingibjörg Hanna Bjarnadóttir. 

Ingibjörg Hanna runs her studio in Reykjavik, Iceland.


Iina Vuorivirta is a Finnish designer with a strong background in Arts and Crafts. She studied Fine Arts and Product Design in Finland before moving to Stockholm and continuing in Beckmans College of Design. Upon her graduation in 2011, Vuorivirta has worked actively with exhibitions and various collaborations all over the world. In her work the presence of the process has always the most important role. She believes in the name of unique aesthetic and the emotional charge that only the human hand and brain can give to an object.


Kasper Nyman initially studied cabinetmaking, then graduated in furniture design from the Aalto University. Nyman set out to open his own studio immediately after graduation. With various projects and material tests he continues to expand his vision and strengthen his passion in furniture design.

Nyman strives to challenge both himself and the materials used in order to create design that comprehends modern Scandinavian design and visual simplicity.


Katriina Nuutinen studied in the School of Arts and Design at Aalto University, Helsinki. Her breakthrough Hely jewel light earned the mention of the most beautiful product of the Stockholm Furniture Fair in 2009. In 2011 she was awarded the Finnish talent of the year. 

Katriina’s work is an outstanding example of modern Finnish glass design, inspired by the captivating interplay of glass and light.

Katrin Olina

Katrín Ólína was born in Iceland. She studied Industrial Design at E.S.D.I in Paris, and worked in the studios of Philippe Starck and Ross Lovegrove, and in collaboration with Michael Young, before setting up on her own. Katrín’s work is cross-disciplinary, combining illustration, interiors, animation and product design. Her work revolves around imagined worlds and the stories that take place within them. Her work has been exhibited internationally, published in most of the major design publications and won numerous awards. Her clients have included Nokia, 3M, Corian(R), Swedese, 100% Design Tokyo, Rosenthal and Ritzenhoff.



The brand Katri/n - Katrin Niskanen is one of Finland's most popular fashion labels for womenswear. The designer, Katri Niskanen, won the very first Finnish Project Runway competition in 2009 and founded the brand in 2010, opening her first store the same year. Ever since the brand has been expanding nationally and over national borders. Katri won the title of "Clothing Designer of the Year" at the Finnish ELLE Style Awards in October 2014


Kirsi Enkovaara is a recent graduate from the Design Products program at the Royal College of Art in London. Her practice is currently based in London and Spain. 

In her work Enkovaara explores the sense of belonging. She sees the world as a mycelium of interactions between “opposites” such as man and object or natural and manmade. In her practice she visualises these transactions using objects as a tool to tell the story.


Klaus Haapaniemi is an internationally acclaimed artist and designer living and working in London, UK.

His work combines traditional folk art inspired aesthetics to modern form and colour palette. Haapaniemi's design approach is influenced by nature, Finnish folklore, fantasy and decorative arts. He has  collaborated with wide range design houses creating events, department store campaigns, fashion collections and interior design, Haapaniemi has published three illustrated books and he has held several exhibitions of his art and design.

Klaus Haapaniemi launched his own textile and design company in 2010.

Kria Jewelry 

Johanna Methusalemsdottir began Kria Jewelry after  discovering a skeleton of an Arctic Tern (Kria in Icelandic), on a black lava beach east of her birthplace, Reykjavik. Since then, Kria Jewelry has introduced several collections, that have been exhibited internationally and featured in Elle, Visionaire, Purple, the New York Times, and Another Magazine.


The designer duo behind Icelandic label KRONbyKRONKRON is the couple Hugrún Árnadóttir and Magni Þorsteinsson. Hugrún and Magni’s love for color and creation and strong aesthetic vision was the drive for their own brand, KRONbyKRONKRON. In 2008 they launched the brand with their first shoe collection. Clothing and accessories have since followed. The KRONbyKRONKRON collections are colorful, original and attentive to detail.


Essi Kuula and Marika Jylhä together form the creative studio/footwear label Kuula + Jylhä.

Kuula + Jylhä collections consists of unique pieces and small series. Kuula+Jylhä is all about wild ideas, open and honest local production, poetical, organic shapes with a playful twist and raw, pure materials. 


Linda Linko is a Helsinki-based graphic designer who works with art and illustration. Before her first solo exhibition in December 2014, Linda's artwork have been displayed at the Felix Meritis Center in Amsterdam and at the Pick Me Up exhibition in London earlier the same year. She has also taken part in several group exhibitions, the latest being Don’t Shoot the Messenger at Design Museum Helsinki in 2013. Linko has received several awards as an illustrator and graphic designer, including the gold prize for illustration at the European Design Awards this year. She earned her bachelor's degree in arts from the Helsinki University of Art and Design in 2005.



Designer Maija Puoskari, MA, was born in Tornio, Northern Finland. Her work is characterised by a strong sense of pure form mixed with functionality and precise finishing. The clean and wild Finnish nature has been the inspiration behind several of her works. 

Puoskari has been awarded with several prizes, and her work has been shown in many national and international exhibitions and fairs.

Puoskari lives and runs her own design studio in Helsinki.


Man Yau is a Helsinki based designer whose works articulate high-class elegance versus low life. She uses hands-on methods including sculpting and glass blowing. The process embraces traditional techniques with contemporary undercurrents. 

Man Yau's works have been featured in several exhibitions in Helsinki, Stockholm, Milan, New York and Berlin.


MARi isopahkala

Mari Isopahkala is an award-winning product designer working most notably with lights, glass and jewelry. With her design, she always aims to generate a reaction in people. Isopahkala lives and works in Helsinki.

Martin Born 

Martin Born was trained at the Design Academy Eindhoven before moving to Finland. He is a furniture designer, curator, political activist and part of Helsinki's new collaborative workspace Sankariliiga where he is also running Design Library Hermanni, the independent source in Helsinki for design, architecture, art and media books.


MARÝ is a playful, honest, storytelling & eco-conscious Icelandic product & interior design studio based in Stockholm, Sweden. MARÝ focuses on natural materials, quality, fair trade and being friendly to the environment.


Mika Tolvanen is part of the Finnish Rehti Design group. After graduating from the Royal College of Art with a Master in design in 2001, Mika established his own design office in Helsinki. He has since worked with some of the world’s top designers and manufacturers.


Mikko Laakkonen initially graduated as a musical instrument maker, then moved to design to receive his Masters degree from the University of Art and Design in Helsinki. Studio Mikko Laakkonen was founded in 2004. It offers product design services, with the main focus on everyday items. Laakkonen has been awarded the number of international and national prizes, and currently works with clients such as Marimekko, Martela, Inno, Isku, Offecct, Pasabahce and Casamania.


At 15, Minna Parikka decided shoes were her life’s true calling.

The first MINNA PARIKKA collection was launched in Autumn 2006 and her flagship store Universum opened in 2008. The brand’s designs can be found globally from the most prominent fashion retailers such asa Net-A-Porter, Colette Paris, Luisa Via Roma, 10 Corso Como, Galeries Lafayette, I.T, Sauce, Harvey Nichols, Le Bon Marché and Isetan.

Well-traveled, and a modern-day Alice in Wonderland, Parikka’s seasonal collections highlight her addiction to adventure and intuitive knowledge of contemporary design.



The Miun collection is designed by Ilona Hyötyläinen. The designs in the Miun women's clothing collection are clean and clear with original prints. 

There is a story behind each of the Miun collections. This story can be seen in the prints as well as the cuts of the garments.

Miun makes fair fashion. All Miun products are manufactured by ethical principles: Miun wants to emphasize the facts behind each product as where it comes from and who has made it. Products are made in small quantities In Finland and Estonia. The makers behind each collection are known personally

Materials come from different continents but material waste is minimized through careful cutting plan and by salvaging all clippings that are later exploited in smaller accessories. Collection prints are produced in Finland through digital printing, which enables just the right amount of multicolor fabrics to be produced.


Monica Förster has created some of the future’s classic designs. Her work is characterized by a strong sense of pure form mixed with a never-ending curiosity for new materials and technology. Always trying to work in a cross-disciplinary way, she invents and renews typologies in industrial, furniture and object design.

Monica Förster Design Studio is based in Stockholm, and works with companies such as Volvo, Tecno, Alessi, Cappellini, Poltrona Frau, De Padova, Bernhardt, Whirlpool, Offecct and Swedese.  Förster's work has been exhibited all over the world in museums and institutions such as Moma NY and VA Museum, London.

My Little Reykjavík

My Little Reykjavik is a product line consisting of various paper products and framed images with illustrations. All products are designed and made by two architects based in Reykjavík, Iceland, Snorri Þór Tryggvason & Pétur Stefánsson, with help from Brian Suda and Alice Lavail.Their aim is to educate people about icelandic architecture and historical buildings in a new and interesting way.


Poiat design office is focused in creating characteristic consepts in the fields of architecture, interior design and product design. The aim is always to find a refined spirit and character in the ongoing project or assignment. Poiat believes that the best ideas are created through team work and that high quality includes features like sustainability and long lasting aesthetics.

Pop Table

POP Furniture Company was founded in Helsinki, Finland in 2013. The company offers customized tables, manufactured locally in Kolho, Finland by the craftsmen at Mesitek Oy.


Design duo Postulina is interior designer Ólöf Jakobína Ernudóttir and ceramicist Guðbjörg Káradóttir.

All of Postulína's products are hand thrown on a potter's wheel, combining traditional and innovative methods. The combination of design and craft is developed collectively, aiming for the best result possible.



The letters R and H come from the first letters of both designers’ last names, Riiheläinen and Hernesniemi. R/H designers Hanna Riiheläinen and Emilia Hernesniemi met while studying in the University of Art & Design Helsinki. 

R/H’s unique world of colors, shapes and relaxed style developed into a collection rich on playful details combined with Nordic minimalism, insightful feminine cuts, colorful prints and a certain spirit of black magic – still light and easy to wear. The R/H woman is a balanced individual with a creative mind.

saanA ja olli

Saana ja Olli is a designer couple and a design company from Turku, Finland. 

The team produces their own 100% hemp textile collection manufactured transparently in Southwestern Finland.


Reykjavík based Scintilla is a quality home textiles company that brings avant-garde ideas from fashion into home decor. Linda Björg Árnadóttir, Scintilla's creative director, thrived for years in the Paris fashion industry and is now bringing her strong graphic design onto a range of products for the home.

Sigga Heimis

Sigga Heimis is an Icelandic industrial designer currently working for IKEA. She has also run her own design studio, and her previous clients include the likes of Indiska and Vitra.


Sigríður Rún is a 35-year-old graphic designer, illustrator from Iceland. Her graduation project, Anatomy of Letters from 2012 earned her the ADC*E win in the category European Student of the Year 2013.


Siggi Eggertsson is a visual artist from Iceland, based in Berlin, Germany. He has worked widely in illustration, graphic design, typography and animation, with previous clients include Wallpaper, Wired, New York Times, DesignMach, Iceland Airwaves, Coca Cola, Nike, Nokia and Mulberry.

Snæfrið & hildigunnur

Snaefrid & Hildigunnur are a Reykjavik-based design studio founded in 2002. Their work includes various projects ranging from book design, graphic design, campaigns, branding and packaging to three-dimensional objects and installations. They have also lectured and taught at the Iceland Academy of the Arts.


María Kristín Jónsdóttir is an Icelandic designer based in Reykjavík. She graduated as a product designer from Iceland Academy of the Arts in 2003. 

STAKA draws inspiration from her cultural heritage, transforming it into body adornments, seamlessly combining Iceland's rich history with sophisticated contemporary aesthetics.

Studio Greiling

Studio Greiling is a Berlin based office, dedicated to furniture design, interior architecture and photography, founded by Katrin Greiling in 2005 in Stockholm. German born Katrin Greiling studied carpentry and cabinet making before enrolling on the masters’ program in furniture design and interior architecture at Konstfack, Stockholm. She has since worked with clients globally, creating objects that are in production by companies such as Droog, Kvadrat, Design House Stockholm and Offecct.


Studio Hanna Whitehead focuses on a hands-on approach, working in a very personal way, interweaving story, material and color.

Designer Hanna Dis Whitehead graduated Cum Laude from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2011. Hanna works in her own studio as a designer and producer as well as with ATTIKATTI and Whitehorse with Runa Thors.


TAF is a design and architecture studio founded by Gabriella Gustafson and Mattias Ståhlbom. Since its foundation in 2002, it has achieved international acclaim with a portfolio of work spanning touring exhibitions, interior design and a number of commercially successful products for different prestigious manufacturers. TAF‘s studio on Södermalm is located in a converted bakery that used to serve the neighborhood.

Teemu Järvi

Teemu Järvi is an illustrator who specializes in capturing wilderness and wildlife scenes in his works. His art has been featured in multiple books and magazines. Järvi favors traditional methods: reed pens, Chinese ink painting.

Teemu Keisteri

Teemu Keisteri is a Finnish artist known for his Ukkeli figurines.


Thorunn Arnadottir is an Icelandic designer based in Reykjavik. Her multi-disciplinary work spans a host of different topics and techniques, driven by curiosity, experimentation and interest in various cultures, materials and processes.

Thorunn graduated with MA in Design Products at Royal College of Arts in London 2011. She has exhibited in galleries all over the world, such as the V&A in London, the Triennale design museum in Milan and Shanghai Power Station of Art. In 2013 she was selected as one of the 50 talents that are shaping the future by Icon Magazine. In 2014 she won the Icelandic Design Award for “Austurland: Designs from Nowhere”, and was nominated for the Icon Awards for “Best Emerging Design Studio”.


Tinna Gunnarsdottir has worked as a freelance product designer for over 20 years. Her works are always in dialogue with current affairs, her the visual voice in the world. Alongside, she has engaged in an academic education career at various art institutions, focusing on product design as a motive power, lately through design research.


Hildur Steinþórsdóttir and Rúna Thors have collaborated since 2011 on various projects and have both taught at the Iceland Academy of the Arts and The Reykjavik School of Visual Arts. They met in high school and have been friends ever since.

Rúna Thors (1982) is a product designer with a degree from Design Academy Eindhoven.

Hildur Steinþórsdóttir (1982) is a qualified architect from the Royal Copenhagen Architecture school and also possesses a Dip. FA from Edinburgh College of Art.


Ragnheiður Ösp studied product design at the Iceland Academy of the Arts and later at Cranbrook Academy of Arts in Michigan, USA. She has been working independently as a product designer since 2008.

Ragnheiður runs her company, Umemi from her studio at the shipping harbour in Reykjavík, where she makes pillows and other homely objects. 

Unnur Valdís

Unnur Valdís is a product designer, passionate about designing experiences, driven by a curiosity for all human aspects. She is inspired by elements of nature, fantasy and emotions. Unnur is a co-founder of the Reykjavik based-design studio Leynivopnið, which she runs along side with her partner, graphic designer Einar Gylfason.


Vík Prjónsdóttir is a design collective fascinated by natural materials, craftsmanship and fair and honest production.

Established in 2005, Vík Prjónsdóttir uses creative design to bring the dying Icelandic wool industry into a new and exciting phase. Vík Prjónsdóttir is a owned by the designers Brynhildur Pálsdóttir, Gudfinna Mjöll Magnúsdóttir and Thuríður Sigurþórsdóttir.


Vimma company includes not only products but also unforgettable stories, innovative people and a lot of experience. According to the team, the world doesn’t need more products. The Most Important thing is the message. Designed by Marjut Rahkola, Maija Louekari, Linda Linko, Minni Suova and Lauri Ahtinen, Vimma clothing is produced locally and environmentally in Finland and Estonia.





The design team Merja Seitsonen and Johanna Vainio explores the unknown borders between fashion and art. Vainio.seitsonen carries an approach to design which can be interpreted as direct, feminist and acknowledging the unplanned as part of the design process. Collections by vainio.seitsonen have been launched at international fashion fairs since 2002. In Finland selected retail shops as well as the flagship store Liike in Helsinki are selling the vainio.seitsonen collection. Moreover, team Vainio-Seitsonen makes illustrations to magazines and design costumes to artistic performances and other events.


Volki is run by Elísabet Jónsdóttir and Olga Hrafnsdóttir. Founded in 2007, Volki's work is a mixture of art and practical design, ranging from clothing to furniture and fine art. Recycled materials and the Icelandic wool often play a big role in their work, and  graphic patterns and bright colours are their trademark.